Gaming Occasions Fans Adore

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There are numerous gaming events all over the world that make gamers come out of their basements, houses, and apartments and forget for a moment about Fantasy Goodgamer Referral Code, in hopes of following an amazing tournament, gaming announcements by the biggest publishers, and to partake in cosplaying.

It is not just the gamers that are interested in these conventions and expos. They are a great way for companies to showcase their newest technology and products, as well as to meet other people in the business and develop partnerships. Here are the top gaming events that every hard-core gamer and businessperson worth their salt would gladly visit.


E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is on the bucket list of gamers, publishers, comic creators, and many other individuals. It is a premier trading event, and, as such, only became public in 2017. Before that, if you wanted to visit it, you had to prove that you are connected to manufacturers, publishers, or the press. There are press conferences done by EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, as well as others. Sadly, Sony opted out, which means that it will be some time before we get to see PS5.

There are also reveals of new games and new installments of popular franchises. In 2019, we hope to get a first look at the design and gameplay of these games, though the titles in question are still not confirmed.


If you’re a gamer in Europe, you should consider hopping over to Germany. Gamescom is one of the largest gaming events in Europe. The business sector is perfect for networking, while the cosplay village is where fans and social media stars show off their costumes and skills. Sometimes, notable people and reveals can be seen at these events. In 2017, Gamescom was opened by Angela Merkel, while in 2018 Nvidia announced its GeForce RTX 20 Series.


PAX originally stood for Penny Arcade Expo, and, since its creation in 2004, has been a meeting place for gamers, regardless of whether they play arcade or tabletop games. Originally a single event, it has branched out into PAX West, PAX East, PAX South, PAX Aus, PAX Dev, PAX Unplugged, and Powered by PAX.

These separate events are conducted at their own cities (and countries) as well as their own times of the year. So, if you’ve missed out on one PAX event, don’t worry – there are still plenty more to choose from.

Tokyo Game Show

Every lover of anime and JRPGs knows about this convention held every year in September in Japan. Though it is called the Tokyo Game Show, it is actually held in Chiba. This is one of those events that is actually sponsored by the government. The focus of the expo is centered on Japanese games and manufacturers, though there are many different exhibitions, like the Game school, where you can learn more about universities and colleges that give you proper education in design, programming, digital art, and anything else you may need in order to make your own game or work in the video-game industry one day.

There are also special events, like the cosplay fashion show and the Street Fighter tournament. Though the majority of staff and visitors are Japanese, there are enthusiasts all over the world that partake in this convention. So, even if you are not Japanese, you should definitely visit Chiba.