7 Recreational Gadgets to Keep an Eye Out For

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Tech geeks and outdoorsy types have one thing in common – their love of gadgets. Gadgets for recreation are not only very convenient, but they also bridge the gap between two worlds, urging us to try out new things. Here are a few recreational gadgets you should add to your backpack.

Multi-Tool Hair Clip

Imagine a Swiss Army knife that you can carry in your hair. The hair clip has a minimalist design that enables you to use it for many different tasks. You have access to a small screwdriver, a knife, a bottle opener, a nail file, and a few other features packed together in a tool that is barely one inch long. It truly lives up to the scout’s motto: ‘Always be prepared’.

The Schmitz Mittz Safety Gloves

These gloves are nearly indestructible. They can come unscathed when faced with fire, cutting, or even when they are smashed with a hammer. The secret is in the carbon fiber. Granted, the gloves are not ideal for those of us who stay at home all the time, but if you are involved in hard and dangerous physical labor, they are top-of-the-line.

Portable Grill Bag

If you’ve ever been camping, you know the grill can be a mess. Some people opt to bring nothing but the cooking grate and place it on some rocks or bricks above the fire. The portable Grill Bag allows you to easily set up your grill on any flat surface. You can even use the cover as a coaster in order to protect more delicate surfaces. It’s easy to carry, which makes it great for hikers.

4G World’s Smallest Rugged Smartphone

Workers in construction, agriculture, or any dangerous, heavy-lifting profession have to rely on their phone but have trouble protecting it. It doesn’t help that some models are bulky. Enter the smallest rugged smartphone, the gadget that allows you to rough it up while still staying on the grid and it doesn’t take up much space. If you’re unfamiliar with rugged smartphones, they are generally designed to withstand high and low temperatures, as well as a decent amount of physical damage. Hikers, runners, divers, and campers can benefit from this little machine.


Joggers often face the predicament of properly carrying their water bottle. Cyclists have a place on their bike for that, but most runners are stuck with a bottle that weighs on their hand and arm like a small dumbbell. The HydraQuiver is essentially a vest that lets you carry the water bottle on your back, like an arrow in a quiver, hence the name. Who knows, it may even improve your posture during your favorite outdoor activities.

Tactical Battle Mug

Tactical gear is a whole other area of equipment. Mountain climbers, army men, and people who are into extreme outdoors are usually interested in this type of gadget. The Tactical Battle Mug is a giant, sound mug with a design that allows you to mount several pieces of light equipment on it, including a scope, or a Go Pro camera.

Survival Bracelet

It is worth pointing out that Bear Grylls uses these on his trips and for his show. It is a bracelet that holds a substantial length of cord that you can use for several things, like building a structurally sound shelter, or fishing. Since they are bracelets, they don’t take too much space – they are light and simply a must for outdoors.