The Influence of Technology on Leisure-Time Activities

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Technology works in amazing ways, bringing us things we never thought we needed. From keyless entries into cars, to smart fridges and an entire smart home, we can now do things so much faster and more efficient. That leaves us with lots of time on our hands. Leisure-time is often spent using technology, in other words, we are changing due to technology.

Using Mobile Phones Wherever and Whenever

This can be both a good and a bad thing, depending on the narrative and the situation. Some people are truly addicted to mobile phones and the internet, not being able to let them out of their hands. Others use phones strictly as a tool, with nothing more than it being utilitarian. The latter is great, as phones are indeed machines which can serve many purposes, from entertainment to study and even a tool (think of photo editing and music production and many more things).

Video Games are Now Everywhere

Consoles are cheaper, you can build a PC with that money, as well and mobile phones are capable of playing many decent-looking games, as well as many timeless classics, whether direct ports to Android or via an emulator.

Video games are a great way of entertainment, really good if you have the time to play them. You can have a relaxing night in, which works great if you’re not one for rainy nights or snowstorms. Video games also opened up a new way for professionals to earn money, namely esports.

Reading is Much Easier

Reading today, is much easier than it used to be. You no longer need tons of space to put all your favorite books and then have to clean those books if you don’t want them to fall apart after a couple of years due to dust. E-ink readers changed the way reading on an electronic device works. With no backlight, you can read for as long as you have daylight, or even external light from a lightbulb, just like you normally would have, with a book. Audiobooks are also readily available, meaning that you can listen to the contents of a book while doing something else, like travelling.

Travel is Much Easier

Travelling today is as simple as it can get, as long as you can follow direction from Google Maps or another application with GPS guidance. Now, make sure that the application is relatively updated, as some roads might change every now and then, with you ending up having to turn around and spend more money on fuel.

Technology is changing the way we do things. One can learn and have fun and do things faster today. This is the step in the right direction, even though some would argue that technology evolving so fast is bad for us.