Football Events You Simply Must Watch in 2019

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2019 is going to be an eventful year for football fans. The action started even before the year began, so, unfortunately, NCAA Football Bowl Games have already ended. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some quality football this year, and there are already offers from bookmakers like Bet9ja that can be used for the upcoming games. Here are a few events you will want to watch.

2019 Pro Bowl

If you are in Orlando, Florida around January 29th, chances are that you are going to see the all-star NFL game.

Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, and Seattle Hawks are just some of the teams that get to offer the best of the best in the ultimate AFC versus NFC showdown. Expect to see stars like Philip Rivers and Tom Brady as AFC’s quarterbacks, and Akiem Hicks as the defensive tackle for the NFC. What happens when the unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Tune in to find out.

Super Bowl LIII

Once again, it is the time to see one of the biggest football events that exist in this crazy world – the Super Bowl. This year, New England Patriots will face off against Los Angeles Rams for the title. The Patriots have won five Super Bowl Championships, though they lost it last year to the Eagles by mere 8 points. Hopefully, Tom Brady will not be too exhausted from the Pro Bowl to lead the Patriots to victory.

2019 NFL Draft

Do you feel like the game has become too predictable? Not to worry, because in April there will be one of the most followed events where up-and-coming stars get their chance to play in the big leagues – the 2019 NFL Draft. This year, there is a record number of players trying out (111). This year, the Draft will be held in Nashville, Tennessee. This is not a game, but it will still be televised, so you can catch it on ESPN on ABC. You will see picks, trades and all new info you can use in your fantasy football league.

2019 NFL Season

Last, but far from least, the NFL season this year is extra special. Why? Well, it is the 100th season of NFL. The season will be promoted throughout the year, with the achievement of different teams through the last century. It starts September 5th, and after the season, we can enjoy the playoffs, which will begin in early January 2020.

Sadly, we have lost some of our favorite people in 2019, like the Lions’ coach, Rick Forzano, the Dolphins’ guard, Bob Kuechenberg, the Cardinals’ safety, Kwamie Lassiter, Eagles’ guard and Vikings’ coach, John Michels, and the Mountain Lions’ coach, Turk Schonert. There has also been a number of retirements this year, but, overall, the future looks bright for the sport.