Theme Parks You Should Visit

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Theme parks and amusement parks seem to be in a whole different dimension. You step out of the adult world and into a place where giant cartoon characters talk to you, the buildings are funny houses and castles, and everyone seems happy. If you are not sure what your next theme park destination should be, here is a humble list to get you started.

Anything Disney

We have decided to bundle up all Disney-themed parks and resorts. You will get a chance to take a picture with Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and a myriad of other characters, like Aladdin and Pocahontas. The rides are amazing, the hosts stay in character at all times, and it is a family-friendly place. So, if you are in the market for a fantastic holiday where you can argue with Gaston from the Beauty and the Beast, or take a ride on a horseless carriage, this is the park for you.

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend the Disneyland Resort in California, is it is the only one that Disney personally worked on. With Disney acquiring many companies over the years, don’t be surprised when you see a squad of Stormtroopers heading your way.

Universal Orlando Resort

This resort features play area, live shows, roller coasters, and 4D rides. You can hang out with Universal’s characters you’ve seen on TV or the big screen, like Harry Potter, Shrek, and the Simpsons. Most rides require you to have a height of at least 48 inches or 120 cm if you don’t want to be accompanied by an adult, though there are plenty of attractions that have no such requirement.

Apart from the standard attractions, the resort is big on special events. One of the events celebrated is the famous Mardi Gras. If you’d rather get scared, know that there is something called Halloween Horror Nights, an occasion for which you have to buy special tickets. With the haunted houses and the scare zones, it is well worth the visit.


As surprising as it may seem, Legoland is not owned by Lego, at least most of it isn’t. Legoland is owned by Merlin Entertainment, a UK company that specializes in theme parks and attractions. It is not a theme park, but a chain of theme parks, dedicated to promoting the Lego brand, as well as inserting the educational elements.

Children go to Legoland to have fun, but to learn as well. Many of the events within the parks have workshops and employees whose sole purpose is to teach children and stimulate their intelligence and problem-solving skills.

Happy Valley

If you’re ever in China, make sure you visit one of the many Happy Valley theme parks. They have the standard types of rides with their own unique flair. Suspended looping coasters, steel coasters, wood coasters, and El locos are waiting only for the bravest of the brave to try out these death-defying rides. This isn’t the only chain of theme parks the Chinese have to offer. You can also try the Fantawild Group.