The Most Unusual Festivals in the World

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From weddings to birthdays, every culture has its fair share of things to celebrate. Festivals are important occasions that remind us of a spiritual or historic event and strengthen our spiritual beliefs. Festivals bring people from different religions, social and economic background together as they forget their worries and celebrate the positive side of life.

Air Guitars, Mud, Golden Retrievers, and even Death — whatever tickles your pickle, there’s a festival for it around the globe. The world is packed with bizarre festivals where people jump over babies or throw mud at other people. However, the atmosphere in these occasions is energetic, the people are more relaxed and more friendly, and the whole place somehow feels more alive. So, here are the festivals you should visit one of these days.

La Tomatina — Bunol, Valencia, Spain

The Spanish Tomato Festival is a weeklong festival in Bunol that kicks off every year in August. The highlight of the festival is the tomato fight — the rowdy crowd takes tomatoes from the vegetable stall and starts a two-hour long tomato fight. With so many people on the streets during the festival, it’s extremely difficult to get in the area where the main action occurs.

Nevertheless, there are lots of people partying on the streets no matter where you are. Prior to 2013, more than 50,000 people participated in the tomato fights. However, since 2013, La Tomatina has been ticketed to limit the number of participants to just 20,000 people.

Air Guitar World Championship — Finland

The event takes place every year in August when thousands of people come to Northern Finland to perform on imaginary instruments and promote world peace. What started as a joke now turned into a competition where masters of invisible instruments from all over the globe gather to take the stage by storm. The Air Guitar Championship is a celebration of international love, big emotions, and incredible performances by the world’s best air guitarists. The event aims to promote world peace through amazing performances and showmanship.

International Hair Freezing Contest — Canada

The contest takes place annually, usually in February, during the Sourdough Rendezvous festival in Yukon, Canada. The goal of this fun winter celebration is to create the most creative hairdos. How do you do it?

Well, first you soak your head in the Takhini Hot Pools, then you wait until the steam accumulates on your head while your locks freeze in the cold air above. After your hair is frozen, you take pictures and send it to the organizators’ facebook page. Winners of the event even receive a small cash prize.

Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme

Also known as the Near Death Festival, is a bit bizarre festival, to say the least. It’s held annually in Los Nieves, a small town in Spain that borders Portugal.

As the name suggests, it’s a celebration for those who have had a near-death experience and lived to tell the story. The people who survived it are being carried in coffins to the small church so they can express their gratitude to the Virgin Santa Marta, the patron saint of resurrection. Regardless of the morbid theme, the festival itself is a celebration with a lot of partying and fireworks.