Diets That Actually Work For Weight Loss

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Trying to find a weight loss program that actually works can be a mind-boggling effort. There are so many appealing programs, each promising a solution to your overweight problems. All of them offer the key you need for your perfect body, and yet, there is rarely any scientific evidence supporting their use. In addition, not only that these diets do not provide any health benefits whatsoever, but they are often nutritionally unbalanced and can cause severe eating disorders.

After hours of in-depth research, our team has come up with a plan that can help you lose a couple of pounds while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Cut Down on Starches and Sugars

By reducing your carb intake, your appetite will significantly decrease, and you’ll end up eating smaller portions with fewer calories. When your body doesn’t have carbs to burn in order to produce energy, it will start feeding off on stored fat, which leads to weight loss. Also, when you cut back on carbs, your insulin levels will decrease, which will eventually cause your kidneys to release excess water and sodium out of your body. Furthermore, by cutting carbs, you will reduce bloat and unnecessary water weight.

It’s not unheard of to lose up to 15 pounds in the first week of this diet. If you cut the carbs, you will start eating less without having food or sugar cravings.

Eat Protein, Fat, and Vegetables

Eating plenty of protein every day can boost your metabolism with 100 calories per day. It is proven that high-protein diets can stop unhealthy food cravings, or at least reduce the obsessive thoughts about late-night snacks by 70%, thus making you eat fewer calories per day. When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and losing weight, protein is the king of nutrients.

Don’t hesitate to eat as many low-carb vegetables as you can. A diet based on vegetables and meat contains all the nutrients you need to be healthy.

Don’t be afraid to eat 2–3 fat meals per day. Trying to do both low-fat and low-carb diet is unhealthy and it will make you feel miserable, which is the reason why you will most likely fail.

Sex as an Exercise

It’s scientifically proven that 25 minutes of sex burns 80–120 calories, which is the same amount of energy you would spend by doing a cardio workout on a stationary bike. It’s unlikely that you’ll burn as many calories with sex as you would during a heavy gym session, but it’s definitely a more pleasant activity than a gym workout. Also, sex can keep the levels of cortisol (the high-anxiety hormone) under control. This is good news for your weight loss because high amounts of cortisol can boost your appetite.